Sunday, July 6, 2014

DeAnna Alma Biscardi-Haviland

Keystone Heights, Florida - Horse "rescuer" accused of cruelty in March 2014 after eight emaciated horses removed from her property.

Two horses were repossessed by their previous owners and six, described as "skin and bones," were seized by the county. One of the six was later put down.

Biscardi-Haviland was charged with eight counts of cruelty to animals.

Reports state that six of the same horses were found in the same conditions in October 2013. However, a newsletter sent out by a horse rescue states that they received six horses that were seized from Biscardi-Haviland in October 2013. Three died within 24 hours and a fourth died in early November 2013.

The newsletter stated that the rescue was anticipating more charges to be filed against Biscardi-Haviland for those horses.

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