Saturday, June 28, 2014

Scott Guigar

Brownstown Township, Michigan - 43-year-old accused of starving three horses, two of which were found dead.

According to reports, Guigar pleaded guilty to two counts of animal cruelty after an agreement was reached on July 16, 2014. One count was dismissed. Sentencing is set for July 30, 2014.

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  1. The press fully sensationalized this case as I personally know the people. Animal control was called for the 3rd time by the next door neighbor. 1st time, the officer said "Keep your neighbors happy" laughed and left, Next, same thing as he saw all the horses. 3rd was for this case and he saw the 3 horses ALIVE and checked them out as fine except one having to need a "hoof trim" and yet this man is allowing in the newspapers and OTHER MEDIA state: that they showed up and found dead horses. The man could've hid the horses, not told him about the others that died, but seeked help from numerous places and nobody knew! The vet should have put the stool under a microscope when the first horse went down but on the 2nd horse he refused to take it as I was there! and they would all be ALIVE!!!! This is what people do not know. I am ANGRY reading this garbage. These people fought to the bitter end with these animals and I am appalled at what I see here and other places as it is not true. This man hurt himself attempting to save each horse and so did others that he asked to help! PRINT THAT! IT IS TRUTH!